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The Equine Agency - for the horse of your dreams!



The Equine Agency has experts to help you buy your dream horse!

Terms & Conditions

The Equine Agency acts as an intermediary during the purchase of your new horse or pony. Your agreement will be with the seller of the horse or pony, and not with The Equine Agency.

The Equine Agency aims to find you your Dream Horse or Pony, normally within one month of receiving your completed criteria form, within your stated budget, optionally vetted by the vet of your choice (you pay for this), delivered to your door (non-refundable delivery charges apply).

The Equine Agency will do everything they possibly can to match exactly your criteria form details, but might have to adjust minor things like colour or age.

The Equine Agency also guarantees that if you are not entirely satisfied with your new horse or pony, that a replacement will be sought immediately upon the return of your horse or pony. If the replacement horse or pony is still not suitable, a full refund will be given, less a small charge for expenses, which is The Equine Agency's fee plus travelling expenses.

The Equine Agency must stress that all horses or ponies returned must be in the same condition as they were delivered to you.

You agree to pay The Equine Agency on delivery of your new horse or pony, the full amount outstanding, including any veterinarian fees and the horse transporter's cost.

All horses and ponies can be supplied with a vet certificate (extra charge applies) or you may arrange this yourself with the vet of your choice. You understand that it is your responsibility to ensure that horse insurance is in place from the day of delivery of your new horse or pony. Your insurance should cover all usual insured risks plus veterinary and equine dentistry fees which risks will then pass to you on delivery and not be the responsibility of The Equine Agency.

Let The Equine Agency help you to buy the horse of your dreams!