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The Equine Agency can help you to buy the horse or pony that you have always dreamed about!

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The Equine Agency will find the horse or pony of your dreams!

Every horse we buy for you can be vetted by the vet of your choice (and at your expense), and the horse comes with a personalised after-sales pack with other useful information on your new Dream Horse or Pony.

Please note that the horse delivery transport is an extra, non-refundable charge, as we sub-contract this to our specialist delivery contractor. This delivery cost of your new horse or pony is unavoidable, but is kept to a minimum by the discount that The Equine Agency receives.

Word Processed Versions

You may download wordprocessed versions of this form, which you can then complete at your leisure and return to us via the post.

dreamhorse.doc is a Word document, but if you have difficulty with that, then -

dreamhorse.rtf is compatable with a wide range of word processors.