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The Equine Agency - for the horse of your dreams!


The Equine Agency for the pony of your dreams!

About The Equine Agency

We set up The Equine Agency for one main reason - to give a better, comprehensive service to buyers of new horses and ponies.

Over many years we have bought horses and ponies from private sellers and dealers, but never felt completely satisfied.

We have all heard the usual ploys -

    "It's exactly what you're looking for!" about their 14.2hh chestnut gelding, when you are looking for a 15.2hh bay gelding.

    or -

    "He's fine, he's been ridden all autumn and winter" claims a dealer you have asked for a 100% safe and reliable horse or pony, and they try and sell you their rising 4-year-old.
    A 4-year-old bombproof? I don't think so!

So the lesson learnt was a simple one - people selling horses basically only had a vested interest in selling one of their own. Even private sellers can misguide you to ensure that you travel to see their horse, in the belief that once you have travelled the distance, they can more easily persuade you that this horse is the one you really want. Obviously this does not apply to all sellers, but it seems to apply to far too many!

We wanted to give a service by experienced and professionally qualified horse riders so you can buy exactly what you want.

Fill in the Dream Criteria Form and return to us via e-Mail, fax or post. We will then ring you to confirm your criteria details.

If you have an e-mail address, please enter it on the form. Then once we have found your new dream horse, we can immediately e-mail you a photograph.

We will ring you again when we have found your chosen horse or pony, to ensure you are happy.


The Equine Agency will find the horse or pony of your dreams!

Very soon your dream horse or pony will be on its way to your door.

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